Wednesday, July 27, 2011


1.      Try different foods   until you find those that you like and try to have a mixed diet
2.      Eat smaller meals more often
3.      Eat whenever your appetite is good-do not be too rigid about fixed times for meals
4.      Try to drink a lot of water ,milk,yogurt,soups,herbal tea,or juices
5.      Add flavor to food and make it look and taste interesting,squeeze some lemon juice over it or add spices such as cardamom,fennel,coriander and sinnamon
6.      Avoid fizzy drinks,beer and foods such as cabbage,broccoli and beans that create gas in the stomach and can make you feel bloated
7.      Try rinsing your mouth out before eating as this can make food taste fresher
8.      Take light exercise such as walking outdoors,for example ,and breathing plenty of fresh air to stimulate an appetite
9.      Eat in a well ventilated room away from cooking or un pleasant  smells
10.  Eat with your family or friends

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