Sunday, July 31, 2011


Is it not time for us to raise against the TV serials which is
injecting only negativity to the viewers ?

If we don't do, who else will do it ? We care for the society. Is it not ?

Housewives are more affected by these TV serials. If you analyse
these serials, viewers' minds are continuously bombarded with subliminal negative messages.

If you watch the TV serials continuously, definitely it will have an impact on your personality. Can you find a serial which is showing positive factors or empowering the people or motivating the people. I doubt.

I don't understand how the Directors of TV serials go to the lowest level to produce such serials, how the FMCG companies are sponsoring such serials.

We can raise up, to boycott such FMCG companies who advertise in such serials.

We have the power to boycott the products of such advertising companies.

We have the power to switch off TVs, so that we can concentrate on other issues. we can sit together with our family members and talk. we can take the family out. we can build up relationship, which is lost because of influence of TV.

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